I have been trying to install the keyboard and trackpad's driver from https://github.com/cb22/macbook12-spi-driver with no success, because when I execute the command:

dkms install -m applespi -v 0.1

I get:

Error! echo
Your kernel headers for kernel 4.11.8-300.fc26.x86_64 cannot be found at
/lib/modules/4.11.8-300.fc26.x86_64/build or /lib/modules/4.11.8-300.fc26.x86_64/source.

but I have already installed the kernel headers with the following command:

yum install kernel-header

I have even installed kernel-devel and few other packages just in case but nothing worked.

I am using fedora 26 on a macbook pro 13 from 2017

Finally, just in case it is useful, when I go to the path /lib/modules/4.11.8-300.fc26.x86_64/ it turns that build and source are not directories.

I do not know how to proceed. Any help would be welcomed. Thank you.