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    Question Description needed...

    Hi there,

    On the task bar's left site we have to texts: "Activities" and "Name of the Active App (e.g. Firefox)".

    Has anybody else thought about the idea behind of the "Active App"? If I click that by my mouse button (right or left) only what I get is "Quit". Some applications has added some other features to that, but so far I have not seen any good implementations there. So please, light me if you know something?

    For me, the logical behavior of such a option is to find another running applications (which you get from left up corner).

    But if you know how that is suppose to be used, I'm more than eager to get more knowledge.


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    Re: Description needed...

    This menu is called the 'Application Menu', introduced in Gnome 3.4:


    I understand that it is inspired by Apple Macs. The following has a little comment from the time:


    If you do not like it, you can remove it with Tweak Tool -> Top Bar -> Show Application Menu: Off
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