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    Question Clock app on the desktop

    Hi there,

    Is there any possibilities to get "modification" feature into the main Clock app on the desktop's task bar? Currently I'm really like to see the following changes:

    1. Currently the time is shown as: "Sat 21:31". On the task bar I do have 75% of black color. On left hand I can see "Activities" "Firefox". On the right there is network/volume/shutdown icons.
    Why not make Fedora a bit more informative and tell on the same bar year, month, day and seconds? I believe those addins do not full fill the taskbar
    I have heard that there are some apps which you could use to customize the desktop, but for me, this should be very basic configuration option.

    2. When you click the clock you could get the calendar and other notification area. Why I cannot see the week numbers there? Again, that should be very very basic setup "show week numbers" and I should not try to find some xyz-apps to do the work.

    Or if somebody know from where those can be modified, I'm of course more than happy to hear it.


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    Re: Clock app on the desktop

    Hi, this is not the right place to request changes to Fedora Workstation or more specifically the GNOME interface. Fedora uses stock GNOME for Workstation, please contact the GNOME user design team to put forward your suggestions


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