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    LXQT - Anyone tried it?

    Has anyone given LXQT a good whirl yet? I have tried many time but it dosen't work.
    Any help will be appreciates.
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    Re: please help me


    Please edit your post and change the thread title to one that is specific and informative while still being brief such as "Mouse Glitch/HD Hit Once Per Second" or "No Sound With PulseAudio". A clear, brief, and informative thread title will attract more people with the relevant skills and knowledge to the thread.

    Additionally, in the post itself you need to be much more specific as to any error messages that are shown or at what point and why the LXQt spin 'doesn't work'.

    Hardware you are using it on would also help pin point what is going on.

    Please take the time to read through the posting rules and guidelines. They are there to help you get help:


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    Re: LXQT - Anyone tried it?

    Not sure the OP can edit the title. I've change it a bit.
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    Re: LXQT - Anyone tried it?

    LXQt is nice and all

    but it suffers from integration problems, some settings you want are not there preinstalled or even packaged at all

    with the idea being fully Qt based and not reliant on KDE nor GTK, you may find some apps won't work with each other perfectly...
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