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    Random pop up of gnome hotspot login screen

    Fresh F26 install fully patched. Wireless shut off. Using a wired connection.

    Randomly, I get a screen pop up that appears to be a browser display of http://nmcheck.gnome.org .

    I went to that URL and that's what it is, but it's popping up in it's own browser window, not Firefox or Chrome, both of which are on the box.

    Randomly, this screen flashes and disappears in a second. Randomly, it stays up as long as I let it. Randomly it's full screen or shrunk to 1/8 of a screen.

    I'd like to know if anyone else is seeing this and if anyone knows anything about it.

    I tried numerous times to upload a screen shot of this in various formats and resolutions, but no luck. Just go tho the gnome site and you'll see what I'm seeing.

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    Re: Random pop up of gnome hotspot login screen

    Creating an account just to answer this in case I have the same issue later.

    Try to modify "/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf" and add this at the bottom:

    Source: https://blogs.gnome.org/dcbw/2015/02...rators-part-1/

    Connectivity checking helps users log into captive ports and hotspots, while also providing information about whether or not the Internet is reachable. When NetworkManager connects a network interface, it sends an HTTP request to the given URI and waits for the specified response. If youíre connected to the Internet and the connectivity server isnít down, the response should match and NetworkManager will change state from CONNECTED_SITE to CONNECTED. It will also check connectivity every Ďintervalí seconds so that clients can report status to the user.

    If youíre instead connected to a WiFi hotspot or some kind of captive portal like a hotel network, your DNS will be hijacked and the request will be redirected to an authentication server. The response will be unexpected and NetworkManager will know that youíre behind a captive portal. Clients like GNOME Shell will then indicate that you must authenticate before you can access the real Internet, and could provide an embedded web browser for this purpose.

    Upstream connectivity checking is disabled by default, but some distribution variants (like Fedora Workstation) are now enabling it for desktops, laptops, and workstations. On a server or embedded system, or where traffic costs a lot of money, you probably donít want this feature enabled. To turn it off you can either remove your distro-provided connectivity package (which just drops a file in /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d) or you can remove the options from NetworkManager.conf.

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    Re: Random pop up of gnome hotspot login screen

    Quote Originally Posted by chilikeren
    Creating an account just to answer this in case I have the same issue later.
    welcome to the forum, thanks for also taking the time to share this information with everyone else rather than just saving a copy locally in pdf for example.

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    Re: Random pop up of gnome hotspot login screen

    Thank you for the information. Getting an account to answer my query is much appreciated.

    I guess no one else sees this because they have good internet connections. I'm stuck with a 1Mb/s connection that gives me 128KB/s at an absolute maximum when it's up.

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