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    log in password prompts

    Just updated to Fedora 26 XFCE. Generally all seems well, except for one thing...

    Not that long ago, I logged in with my password and that was it. For the last few releases, once I log in, I get a popup from GNU keyring asking for my password to unlock itself. Now, I get two more popups from xfce policy kit asking for my password to do a couple of things (setting the network, and something else). So that's 4 times to enter my password now...

    I had thought that there was some way that these requests were supposed to be managed through a PAM module or something? It is certainly possible that through the various upgrades along the way, some configuration has been lost on my system. But, it's far enough away from things I do very often so that I don't know where to begin to dig into this.

    Thanks for any suggestions on what to look at!

    marcus hall

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    Re: log in password prompts

    Did you change your login password? You could try going into seahorse and resetting the keyring password to your login password. I'm not running xfce, but on another desktop, more than a year ago, I had a similar problem that, I believe, showed up after changing my login password.

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    Re: log in password prompts

    it's network manager blueman plugin causing this


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    Re: log in password prompts

    Didn't change any passwords, just upgraded.. Yes, the two new prompts do match up with the blueman issue, so that is explained.

    Still, the gnu keychain *used* to get opened just by logging in and that has been prompting for my password when I log in for several releases. I don't know what mechanism used to open it before. But I'm used to it by now, so I guess I can live with always typing my password twice to get logged in...

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