Over the last few months the forum has been undergoing a transition period due to a change of ownership. We've all been experiencing some connection issues of late and these should now be resolved.

The new owner has invested heavily, purchasing a more powerful server which the site was migrated to in the last 48 hours, acquired licenses for new versions of the host OS, VBulletin, Apache, PHP and SQL. Some of these software upgrades are still undergoing testing and yet to be rolled out.

While the work is being carried out remotely by a contractor on behalf of the owner, within reason you are being offered the chance to suggest any constructive improvements to the user forum backed up by solid reasons.

Such suggestions will be passed to the owner for consideration. Please remember, the site is privately owned and will remain so. There will be no vote for new features or improvements as it isn't a democracy. Any suggestion will be considered on merit, server load impact and of course any associated costs.

https login is now possible (update any saved bookmark to https://fedoraforum.org). vBulletin 3.8.11 is due to be rolled out in place of 3.8.7 Patch Level 4 now the forum is on the new server. vBulletin 4 is the next planned upgrade in testing on the old server. As and when it is deemed ready, it will be rolled out on the new server.

Use the format below to submit any suggestions please. Don't start a discussion on the topic or suggestions here or in any other thread. As and when a suggestion is approved or rejected a member of staff will edit the appropriate post to indicate the status of it. Declined suggestions won't be up for discussion, the decision is that of the owner and final.

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