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    MacAir Problems w/ F26

    Yes, we are no longer buying Apple for linux - meanwhile

    Mac Air with F26

    1) fan runs constantly - found an intel github page for thermal control - very cryptic - will try to figure out compile but any other fix ?

    2) boots when off and plugged in - mac forum says might be hardware wake up schedule - how to turn off w/ linux ?

    3) suspend does not wake up - hibernate does not work - any fixes ?

    btw: excellent work core team - F26 solo boot clean install on mac with no refit garbage is simple and flawless

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    Re: MacAir Problems w/ F26

    You might try installing thermald package and see if that helps with fans. There's supposed to be better pstate handling in kernel 4.12 which you can get now from koji to test, and should be in stable repo soonish.

    For autowakeup that should be stored in NVRAM and might be removed by "zapping pram": reboot and hold command-option-P-R before you hear the startup chime, and then keep holding that combination until you hear a second startup chime. If that doesn't work, it might be the wakeup is exempt from pram zapping and may need to be removed from /sys/firmware/efi/efivars I'm not sure which file there to delete, or if deleting is even the right thing to do though. You're probably best off booting macOS and unsetting the wake up from there, and while you're at it make sure the wake on lan setting isn't set either.

    Hibernate isn't supported on Fedora. The installer doesn't set up the environment to find the hibernation file with the resume= boot parameter. This takes the form resume=UUID=<uuid of swap from blkid> or if it's on a device mapper device, resume=/dev/mapper/swap should work. On my 2011 Mac though, this is always corrupt and the kernel will not use it for resume. Suspend ought to work but, yeah lots of EFI bugs can make that not work also: suspend to RAM works on my Macbook Pro out of the box, but not on my HP where a transient bugs requires that I toggle the ACPI PWRB setting first in procfs. But that's just an example of how firmware bugs can thwart things, it's not a recommendation for your problem. Power management stuff is really make/model specific and can be a pain to work through unless someone else has already done the work. You could check your make/model with Ubuntu's wiki and see if they have advice there, off chance it might be useful.

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    Re: MacAir Problems w/ F26

    Looks like chrismurphy has covered most of your points, I currently have F26 on a MacBook Air and can confirm your issues though suspend/hibernate isn't a function I use. I normally just lock my screen.

    In regards to the fan issues I installed powertop then ran powertop --calibrate which seems to have resolved the issue for me.

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