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    Setup of Canon TS8050

    Iam trying without success to install/setup my new Canon TS8050 All-In-One.
    Has anyone succeeded?
    I downloaded and installed scanmanagearmp but when I went to add the printer I get a message "Additional software Required" but does not state what this is.
    any help much appreciated

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    Re: Setup of Canon TS8050

    IJ Printer Driver Ver. 5.40 for Linux (rpm Packagearchive)

    IJ Printer Driver Ver. 5.40 for Linux (Source file)


    This software is a printer driver for printing using the Canon IJ printer.

    System Requirements

    Fedora 24(32bit/64bit)

    Applicable Models

    MAXIFY iB4140
    MAXIFY iB4150
    MAXIFY MB2140
    MAXIFY MB2150
    MAXIFY MB2155
    MAXIFY MB2740
    MAXIFY MB2750
    MAXIFY MB2755
    MAXIFY MB5140
    MAXIFY MB5150
    MAXIFY MB5155
    MAXIFY MB5440
    MAXIFY MB5450
    MAXIFY MB5455
    PIXMA E474
    PIXMA G4400
    PIXMA G4500
    PIXMA MG3040
    PIXMA MG3050
    PIXMA MG3051
    PIXMA MG3052
    PIXMA MG3053
    PIXMA TS5040
    PIXMA TS5050
    PIXMA TS5051
    PIXMA TS5053
    PIXMA TS5055
    PIXMA TS6040
    PIXMA TS6050
    PIXMA TS6051
    PIXMA TS6052
    PIXMA TS8040
    PIXMA TS8050
    PIXMA TS8051
    PIXMA TS8052
    PIXMA TS8053
    PIXMA TS9040
    PIXMA TS9050
    PIXMA TS9055

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    Re: Setup of Canon TS8050

    Canon on Linux is a pain. And on Fedora Linux is sever pain. You may get your printer print O.K after installation, but just after reboot system it may be no longer print !

    Also, new SELinux policy on Fedora 26 can create a problem to you .....

    Also, there is something to enabled at start up manually (read document with drivers). This mean that you need to edit system files !

    This mean a headache !

    Better is to buy Hp printer/scanner

    Fedora 26 X64 bit Cinnamon edition on Lenovo ThinkPad e550 with Intel core i7 5500 CPU @ 2.40 GH X 2, RAM = 8 GB, HHD = 1 TB, Hybrid VGA (Intel Corporation HD Graphic 5500 + Radeon R7 M265 2GB)

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    Re: Setup of Canon TS8050

    The issue partly arises from Fedora using kernels and modules far newer than the drivers Canon provide support. I've never had much joy with official Canon device drivers. In Windows I ended up compiling my own Vista 64-bit driver for the LiDE 50 scanner I have because they never released any. I still use them to this day with Windows 8.1 64-Bit.

    Oddly enough, it just works with the Fedora 64-bit SANE backend drivers scanners package installed.

    And yes HP Linux printer support is far superior but you still need to check in the hplip website's database for the level of support offered.

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    Re: Setup of Canon TS8050

    Many thanks for tryfedoraa. I followed you download, unpacked, installed and the printer is working fine.
    Much appreciate the swift response

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    Re: Setup of Canon TS8050

    For printer :
    wget http://gdlp01.c-wss.com/gds/8/010000...0-1-rpm.tar.gz
    tar xvf cnijfilter2-5.40-1-rpm.tar.gz
    cd cnijfilter2-5.40-1-rpm
    sudo bash install.sh
    # configure your printer

    For scanner :
    wget http://gdlp01.c-wss.com/gds/1/010000...0-1-rpm.tar.gz
    tar xvf scangearmp2-3.40-1-rpm.tar.gz
    cd scangearmp2-3.40-1-rpm
    sudo bash install.sh
    # launch scangearmp2
    # To use xsane in wifi, see: https://github.com/Ordissimo/scangearmp2 and https://github.com/Ordissimo/scangearmp2/releases

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    Re: Setup of Canon TS8050

    thanks for the information.
    I followed the guide from tryfedoraa and the printer is working as expected.

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