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    Audio died

    Hi. I have a newly-installed F26 (KDE spin), and it was working mostly fine. I wanted an audio equalizer (to tone down my bass-heavy system), so I installed the pulseaudio equalizer package. It was working okay. This last time I ran it out, though, I disabled and re-enabled it, and my whole audio system died. The equalizer app locked up, too. I killed it and eventually rebooted, but my audio is still dead. I don't even seem to have input/output audio devices. Does anyone know how to "reset" things? The KDE audio settings in the system settings don't seem to have anything that will help with this. Thanks!


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    Re: Audio died

    After some messing around, I think I was able to fix it by moving my ~/.pulse directory. I restarted a few alsa services and pulseaudio, too.

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    Re: Audio died

    thanks for sharing the solution you found

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