Hello everyone!
I could've sworn I made a post just a few hours ago, I don't know what happened to it but I cannot find it anywhere... Perhaps it was taken down??? This seems like the only category that it would fit in...

So I am trying to pipe sound over the network from one computer to another, but for some strange reason it keeps messing up the rest of my sound devices!! It will tell me the HDMI audio is unplugged but its clearly not, it won't show the webcam sound input either..

I think it has something to do with two of the devices having the same name! I did not have this problem on my previous computer - but I've just bought a new one. When I uncomment the lines in ~/.profile it will go back to normal..

I want to be able to switch back & forth between sound devices without having to mess around with any files.. On my previous computer, the network audio device would come up as the login for my stereo-server computer, this is no longer the case. I've followed the guide (part 2, the manual way) to a T.
I feel like I'm forgetting stuff that I should mention but I don't know what. I will make updates as I mess around.

Digital output S/PDIF

(this is the guide I used)

#export PULSE_SERVER="tcp:"

#test "$DISPLAY" && pax11publish -e || true