Hello everyone! I recently followed this guide here, the "manual" way

But now all of a sudden, it says the HDMI audio is unplugged.. but its not unplugged & it was working last night

Also my webcam has a built-in microphone, yet when I plug it in, it doesn't appear in the inputs list..

I think I may have screwed up one of the pulseaudio config files via piping my sound to my stereo-server. The sound on the stereo server works though! I also seem to get a weird error if I ever try running any commands like
 pulseaudio -k or -v
or a few other ones, like this for example:

 $ pulseaudio --start
N: [pulseaudio] main.c: User-configured server at tcp:, refusing to start/autospawn.
I am new to using the forums here, I have used Fedora for under a year - I'm still learning, sorry! I have tried a few different solutions via google but I'm not seeming to get any results - I think there are some things that I didn't understand, or that I unknowingly did wrong, which is why I am here!

Thank you for your time reading my problem!!