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    Unable to install Mono-Core on Fedora 26

    we have several systems running Fedora, and most are now upgraded to the latest 26 release...

    But we cannot install Mono-Core and with that we cannot run several programs. So my question is how do I downgrade back to Fedora 25 or better how can I get Mono-Core 4.8 to install?

    We get file /usr/lib/mono/4.5/mscorlib.dll conflicts between attempted installs of mono-core-4.8.0-7.fc26.x86_64 and mono-core-4.8.0-7.fc26.i686

    I even removed the whole /usr/lib/mono folder but amazingly we still get the same install conflict...
    Desktop 1: Intel i5-4670K, 24GB Memory, Nvidia GTS450 2GB, Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SSD, Western Digital 1TB Hard drive, Fedora Workstation 25 X86_64
    Desktop 2: Intel i3-4160, 16GB Memory, AMD 6670 1GB, Western Digital 1TB Hard Drive, MS Windows 10 X86_64.

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    Re: Unable to install Mono-Core on Fedora 26

    Are there any other ways you could workaround this issue? Perhaps using linux containers to install the two packages seperately?

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    Re: Unable to install Mono-Core on Fedora 26

    I had similar issues to install mono 5.2 from mono repo in Fedora 26 but I manage to get rid of unusual errors by disabling fedora repo.

    I noticed that dnf was trying to install mono 4.8 from fedora repo at the same time when installing mono 5.2 from mono repo. So I disable fedora repo:

    sudo dnf --disablerepo fedora install mono-core.x86_64
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