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    Angry Fedora 26: lost Intel HD Graphics?

    After installing Fedora 26 there's evidence that Intel integrated graphics aren't fully supported. I've posted this already (here) in the Intel open-source forum, with community support for the idea that the Fedora 26 repositories don't have a proper driver for Intel HD graphics, but no response from Intel.

    What I'm seeing: highly compressed video will hardly play at all (I can play these with some difficulty in VLC with the XCB/X11 output module only), transparency & new windows only display slowly in GNOME after initially showing opaque black, video stalling when displaying graphics on top of video... all symptoms of lacking hardware video acceleration.

    It may be related that the Intel open-source Fedora repository only goes up through Fedora 25 (at this time, a week or two after Fedora 26 release).

    Contributors in the forum thread above confirm the problem on Fedora 26 with no prior video problems on older versions or other distros (i.e. Intel on-chip graphics had been working fine before the Fedora 26 upgrade from older systems with HD graphics up through Haswell).

    Please let me know if there's something simple I'm missing that must be done to get Fedora 26 video support on the most common display platform in the world. If there's no such simple thing, does anyone know:
    • is there a known bug about this subject?
    • where proper support for Intel Integrated graphics can be obtained?
    • what Intel's position on / releases about Fedora 26 may be?
    • when we might have support / where to get updated drivers or an installation utility for proper drivers?
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    Re: Fedora 26: lost Intel HD Graphics?

    I am also wondering about this. Running fedora since many years ago and now hitting this problem aint too exciting. Can someone with insight please update us on this?
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    Re: Fedora 26: lost Intel HD Graphics?

    Are you refering to this:
    "Ditching xf86-video-intel in favor of xf86-video-modesetting?"

    Fedora 26 uses the xserver modesetting driver by default.

    You could try switching back to the intel driver by creating a .conf file like this one:
    # cat > /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-intel.conf << "EOF"
    Section "OutputClass"
            Identifier "Intel"
            MatchDriver "i915"
            Driver "intel"
    assuming you are using the i915 kernel driver. Use lspci -v to find the kernel driver in use.

    I had a problem with the modesetting driver and an old Nvidia card while installing and with the installed system. See my comments in this thread:

    I do not know if this will solve your problem as F25 also used wayland by default but it might be worth a try.

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