The Plan

So I'm trying to get a stable OS on my OLPC XO-4, running build 20 of release 13.2.8 of Sugar with a dual boot option for Android.

There are two things I can't seem to be able to do properly;
1) I am interested in setting up a dual boot for my xo-4.
2) I am interested in using a root version of the Android build.

At the moment I am running the Fedora 18 based Sugar build 20 of release 13.2.8 for OLPC XO-4 (Sourced from running on Openfirmware Q7C06 and EC Firmware 0.5.01.

I also have a copy of the Android build I want to put on. (Sourced from:

Where I'm at
I am interested in using this method, found at

Alternative Method

To merge an already published Android build with an already published OLPC OS derived build:
1) download the system.img, ramdisk.img, and kernel files from the Android build directory,
2) download the build derived from OLPC OS, e.g. 41008o4.zd or 4_0b125.zd,
3) download the tool (from ), and edit it to match file names,
4) run
Using an Android build before 2015 on XO-4 produced in 2015 requires a special kernel, contact OLPC for details.

I have the system.img, ramdisk.img, and kernel files for Android, along with the build derived from OLPC that I want to use (32020o4.zd). I have also downloaded the tool (from, but I'm not sure how to run this tool. (I'm pretty new to linux) I'm also unsure where I need to match the file names within and whether I just do this in notepad or in some other file editor.

I have previously run an earlier version (32014a4.zd) which had the dual boot built in which I found at but since installing build 20 of release 13.2.8 of Sugar, I can't seem to reinstall the older version and get it working. I think there's something funny going on with the kernel but I'm not sure what is stopping a reinstall of 32014a4.zd from working, it just hangs at the boot screen. (Shows the XO logo with a single grey dot below it. If I startup and view the processes, it hangs at the 'RD found' point.) I'm hoping that making a build using build 20 with the Android boot option gets me around this problem.

2) The second thing I'd like to do, which would be more of a bonus than anything, is I'd like to have root access in the Android version I'm running.

I've read that there are a few ways of getting this done, but am not sure of the mechanics of some of the methods.

From a response by Youxin Su <> at

* Serial port has root access.
* Rebuild Android in engineer mode gives you root access out of box.
* XO-4 special secure hole, boot to sugar, unpack the Android ramdisk in boot partition, change secure configuration, repack ramdisk and replace it.

My preference would be using the third option to unpack the android ramdisk.img and change the secure configuration, and whilst I can unpack the image and find where to change the variables:


Once again, I'm not sure whether this is something I just need to do in notepad or some other file editor. I'm also unsure of whether if I just use this image with the above whether this will leave me with a *.zd file that I can use the fs-update command with in order to install the overall OS.

Any light anyone can shed on these issues would be most appreciated.