Hi. I tried dnfdragora as following:

1) I installed dnf dragora package by terminal,

2) then removed yumex-dnf from terminal,

3) installed dnfdragora-gui package from terminal

4) restart PC.

I discovered following issues:

A) "dnf package installer" did not work ! When I double click on .rpm package, then dnfdragora not take over to achieve installation !

B) I did not receive any update notification ! I know - correct to me - that "dnfdragora-gui" package is responsible for this function ..., but how can I activate it (if need to be activated ?)

C) I read in dnfdragora site that there is a "user setting" dialog, but no such thing in my dnfdragora ! Does this dialog existing in dnfdragora on Fedora 26 ?

I'm on Fedora 24 X64 Cinnamon & dnfdragora version is 1.0.1-1

I noticed that dnfdragora for Fedora 26 is of version 1.0.1-5. Does this related ? Do dnfdragora has on Fedora 26 has these problem ?