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    upload19 Guest

    Its brocken my new computer - PLEASE HELP ME!


    I have booted fedora to my external 80gb hard drive. Now when i go chose to start up fedora instead of windows, it just goes to this black page and the final line says:

    Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

    Then it just stops there and does nothing. whats wrong?

    EVEN WORST NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    If i start my external hard drive not on, (i use a laptop, so this is going to be hard to not do if i want to transfer it, thats why i really am ****ed) it just goes to a black page saying

    GRUB _

    And it just says there, not doing nothing. So i can not get into my windows os.

    Please help me if you know what the problem is, or you know how to uninstall fedora from my machine.
    I am using a new latop i bought one week ago, and i can not use it with out my hard drive on.
    Also my external hard drive does not work now, it has no files on and it does not let me put things on it.

    If you know please email me at or post here. PLEASE

    Thanks for your time

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    xxramielxx Guest
    If you have a floppy drive go to "" and download the bootdisk for your Windows OS. That should work if you didn't install linux over your Windows OS.

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