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    IAM solution wanted: FreeIPA vs. One Identity

    I need to integrate 12 Linux (Fedora 26 ) and 12 macOS (Sierra) computers into a larger network of Windows PCs in an Active Directory Domain (Windows Server 2016). I am just starting to read about free solutions (FreeIPA ..), commercial solutions (Quest One Identity ..) and doing it with system tools (i.e. joining a Samba DC to AD and using Apple's Open Directory Utility). Can anybody recommend a solution? What are the advantages of additional software like FreeIPA or One Identity over using the standard system tools?

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    Re: IAM solution wanted: FreeIPA vs. One Identity

    Normally I would say free and open-source but in this case if you can afford commercial I would recommend it; you'll save on installation time, headaches, and have support if you need it, also I think it's your only choice if you want to control Linux and macOS with group policies.

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