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    rkhunter - ZaRwt.KiT

    I have been running rkhunter for a while now and all's been fine.
    This morning I have rkhunter reporting:

    ...Warning: Network TCP port 60922 is being used by /usr/lib/firefox/firefox. Possible rootkit: zaRwT.KiT
    Use the 'lsof -i' or 'netstat -an' command to check this....

    I have run the lsof and netstat -an, but to be honest I'm not sure what I am looking for!
    The lsof (run as sudo) shows firefox entries of:
    firefox 2865 xxxxxx 59u IPv4 430275 0t0 TCP E6540:44482->lhr35s03-in-f14.1e100.net:https (ESTABLISHED)
    firefox 2865 xxxxxx 70u IPv4 126728 0t0 TCP E6540:60172->e1.ycpi.vip.amb.yahoo.com:https (ESTABLISHED)
    firefox 2865 xxxxxx 72u IPv4 429788 0t0 TCP E6540:40924->a23-44-102-186.deploy.static.akamaitechnologies.com:http (ESTABLISHED)
    firefox 2865 xxxxxx 75u IPv4 401725 0t0 TCP E6540:51866->a23-44-102-186.deploy.static.akamaitechnologies.com:https (ESTABLISHED)
    firefox 2865 xxxxxx 144u IPv4 96547 0t0 TCP E6540:41706->185-19-40-106.rdns.rtap.net:https (ESTABLISHED)

    netstat -an does not appear to show anything specific for firefox or for port 60922.

    Is this report from rkhunter a report of a serious threat?

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    Re: rkhunter - ZaRwt.KiT

    Have you had any repeat alerts, if it was a one-off I would imagine it was just firefox (or addon) connecting to port 60922, the same time rkhunter was running.

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    Re: rkhunter - ZaRwt.KiT

    It persisted for a few days and then stopped and I haven't had it since - whether that's good or bad I don't know!

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