Claws mail doesn't automatically detect IMAP settings for mail accounts.

Also, the authentication method needs altering slightly to successfully send mails.

Use the following 'account preferences' settings and you shouldn't come unstuck:


  • Server for receiving:
  • SMTP server (send):
  • User ID: your full email address
  • Password: your MS account password


  • IMAP Authentication - Automatic


  • SMTP Authentication - Automatic
  • leave the User ID and password blank


  • IMAP - Use SSL/TLS
  • Send (SMTP) - Use START TLS


  • SMTP Port 587
  • IMAP Port 993


To avoid having a Trash folder that is specific to the one machine, you need to change the Wastebin items target folder on the advanced section of account preferences.

Tick 'put deleted items in' and then select the 'Deleted' folder from the #imap list. so you end up with an entry similar to #imap/your_claws-mail_account_name/Deleted

When you close the account preferences, you can change the Deleted folder to Wastebasket status in the folder list.

  1. Left click the 'Deleted' folder to select it. Then right click and choose Properties from the popup list. Change folder type to 'Wastebin' and make sure apply to subfolders is ticked.
  2. Click the Apply button and the Trash can icon from 'Trash' will be moved to 'Deleted'. Trash now becomes a 'Normal' folder.
  3. Close the dialogue and click on Trash. Make sure you haven't sent any messages there you want to temporarily keep in a bin. If you have, drag them to 'Deleted'.
  4. Close Claws and re-launch it.
  5. Click on any other folder than trash, wait for claws to connect to the IMAP server if necessary. Then right-click 'Trash' and choose the Delete option. You will be asked to confirm deletion of the folder so make sure it says 'Trash' and not another folder name before clicking 'Delete'.