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    Password Protecting a Thumb Drive

    About a year ago or so, I used a gui-based utility to successfully re-partition and re-format a thumb drive to EXT4 and used LUKS to have it password protected. For the life of me, I can't recreate the steps I took to do that.

    Memory says that I used gparted, unmounted the drive and found some reference to LUKS when I did that - a box to check or something that allowed me to enter a passphrase. But now (using fully updated F25), gparted doesn't seem to offer that option under the EXT4 format.

    Could I have used some other gui-based utility? The KDE Partition Editor, perhaps? If so, I don't see the option there either.

    I've researched TrueCrypt (which is apparently defunct now) and Veracrypt. Veracrypt is installed, but won't start on my system, so my frustration level is rising.

    It's not important stuff. I'm just trying to learn something new here, so my frustration won't get too high. I'd appreciate any information, tips, tricks or pointers however.

    And thanks.

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    Re: Password Protecting a Thumb Drive

    GUI file managers would have an option to format a partition in encrypted form without using any command line. I use thunar, but dolphin may have that option too.

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    Re: Password Protecting a Thumb Drive

    Partition the thing with gparted, then run cryptsetup.

    It is as easy as koláč.
    Have fun!

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