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    Re: install via usb -- where is the usb link to dl file onto usb?

    Hi, possibly but it depends on the EFI boot order set by Mint. so pressing Fn+F2 doesn't work to get into UEFI firmware settings either?

    Can you get into a terminal session with mint before it freezes or crashes? if so see if the efibootmgr is installed. either with root rights or sudo run efibootmgr

    usage: efibootmgr [options]
    	-a | --active         sets bootnum active
    	-A | --inactive       sets bootnum inactive
    	-b | --bootnum XXXX   modify BootXXXX (hex)
    	-B | --delete-bootnum delete bootnum
    	-c | --create         create new variable bootnum and add to bootorder
    	-C | --create-only	create new variable bootnum and do not add to bootorder
    	-D | --remove-dups	remove duplicate values from BootOrder
    	-d | --disk disk       (defaults to /dev/sda) containing loader
    	-r | --driver         Operate on Driver variables, not Boot Variables.
    	-e | --edd [1|3|-1]   force EDD 1.0 or 3.0 creation variables, or guess
    	-E | --device num      EDD 1.0 device number (defaults to 0x80)
    	-g | --gpt            force disk with invalid PMBR to be treated as GPT
    	-i | --iface name     create a netboot entry for the named interface
    	-l | --loader name     (defaults to "\EFI\fedora\grub.efi")
    	-L | --label label     Boot manager display label (defaults to "Linux")
    	-m | --mirror-below-4G t|f mirror memory below 4GB
    	-M | --mirror-above-4G X percentage memory to mirror above 4GB
    	-n | --bootnext XXXX   set BootNext to XXXX (hex)
    	-N | --delete-bootnext delete BootNext
    	-o | --bootorder XXXX,YYYY,ZZZZ,...     explicitly set BootOrder (hex)
    	-O | --delete-bootorder delete BootOrder
    	-p | --part part        (defaults to 1) containing loader
    	-q | --quiet            be quiet
    	-t | --timeout seconds  set boot manager timeout waiting for user input.
    	-T | --delete-timeout   delete Timeout.
    	-u | --unicode | --UCS-2  handle extra args as UCS-2 (default is ASCII)
    	-v | --verbose          print additional information
    	-V | --version          return version and exit
    	-w | --write-signature  write unique sig to MBR if needed
    	-y | --sysprep          Operate on SysPrep variables, not Boot Variables.
    	-@ | --append-binary-args file  append extra args from file (use "-" for stdin)
    	-h | --help             show help/usage
    You can use it to remove corrupt entries, set the next boot device etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorahard
    then would an external cd drive with fedora 100% for sure auto boot
    Unlikely, can you disconnect the boot drive[
    No real ideas though, https://is.gd/5KnRRY IMG]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170825/8b45b3314f0284f8ae21a533c701e2b0.jpg[/IMG]

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    Re: install via usb -- where is the usb link to dl file onto usb?

    i dont understand what you mean by 'boot drive'

    are you referring to the hard drive? if so, this laptop is impossible to open and i have no tools


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    is there no other common solutions when there's no way to get into bios? and no boot hotkeys work?

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    So, neither fn-f2 or fn-f12 work? How far will Mint boot? https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-...ios/m-p/896225

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    Smile Re: install via usb -- where is the usb link to dl file onto usb?

    Quote Originally Posted by dorahard
    * where's the iso link?

    there's a .exe dl link on https://getfedora.org/en/workstation/download/

    but as said, after it installs, it never opens when i try to open it (on win10)
    right click on the executable, click on properties…
    Then check the box next to, "Unblock"…
    Then click on "apply"…

    right click on the executable again, then click on "run as administrator"…

    Don't forget to disable "UEFI" in your bios… Make sure your machine is in, "Legacy Mode"…

    Hope either of these help… :-)
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    Re: install via usb -- where is the usb link to dl file onto usb?

    And this has been too long for comfort when is clear that the OP doesn´t have the required knowledge to follow any of the instructions, that or we are being played by a troll.

    In any case, let´s end this, and hope for the user to find his-her answers bothering someone else.

    Thread Closed.

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