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    No More Alpha Seems to be Working

    This fedoraproject post caught my eye, and it seems to be working.
    Benefit to Fedora

    A Rawhide that is always at least Alpha quality is a more compelling product and may attract more target users (developers) to Fedora. Removing the process overhead of Alpha releases from the cycle frees up release engineering, quality engineering, development and project management resources for other work, and potentially offers more flexibility for the Change development and branching parts of the release cycle. Preventing broken changes from reaching the official Rawhide repository at all means we are not stuck with fundamentally problematic changes (bar doing epoch bumps and rebuilds of dependent packages) but can more easily revert them.
    I started out with rawhide in a virt-manager VM, and the only hiccup I've seen lately was a small dependency problem that blocked some updates for a few days. I've got it running on bare metal in a 20GiB partition, and it's been surprisingly well behaved. How does this rawhide cycle seem to be going to other users?


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    Re: No More Alpha Seems to be Working

    It's certainly something I intend to check out once F26 is released. I have VirtualBox up and running on CentOS. I can't commit enough time to sit in front of rawhide as well and use it enough to give meaningful feedback about any detected bugs or issues at the moment.

    I'd probably just run it in VM anyway rather than bare metal as it is more a rolling release and not really suitable for a stable work environment.

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