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    gordon64 Guest

    diff in software notification to dnf check-update


    This morning I got a notification that there were software updates. When I clicked on details it gave only 2.

    I opened a terminal and became root to run
    dnf check-update
    dnf upgrade
    it found 38 packages to update.

    Any clues why the software control centre is not finding all of them?


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    Re: diff in software notification to dnf check-update

    software centre uses a different backend called packagekit. they have slightly different package metadata available to them. dnf gives the most complete update list of the two because it is the main fedora update process. However, please read the PSA

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    gordon64 Guest

    Re: diff in software notification to dnf check-update

    good to know

    actually that gremlin has already hit me due to my ignorance.

    /usr/share/applications has 2 colors but I can live with it

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