About a year ago Kget stopped allowing me to change the name of a download. The default name is videoplayback, and if you change it you can watch it revert back to videoplayback right before your eyes just as the download starts. So I tried Uget, which worked well until recently.

Now it want's confirmation at every step and when exiting, despite having all the confirmation boxes unchecked in preferences. I even looked at the config file and it confirms no confirmations are set.

"UserInterface": {
		"ExitConfirmation": false,
		"DeleteConfirmation": false,
		"SoundNotification": false,
These seem minor annoyances but they are in fact annoying. I filed a bug report a year ago on Kget and today the site says my password is invalid, so they must have changed something. I was going to file a bug on Uget, but it gets old joining forums all over the place that I will probably never use again. So I'll just click all the confirmations and hope they fix it soon.