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    Thumbs up Eliminating F23 after upgrading to F25 by DNF

    I just have succesfully switched to Fedora 25 , by upgrading F23 using DNF. As far as i could test the computer, i did not suffer the slightest incident and seems it works fine.

    Happens that, i actually have 60% of my hard drive full and i wish to clean all of F23, how could i do that and just leave F25 as it seems i no longer need F23, without loosing files and folders at /home/myself?

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    Re: Eliminating F23 after upgrading to F25 by DNF

    If you used "dnf system-upgrade", then F23 should be pretty much gone. You may have some leftover fc23 kernels in /boot, and you can either manually uninstall them or just wait for F25 kernel upgrades to boot them out automatically.
    rpm -qa | grep fc23
    may show a few rpm packages, but be careful here, as some may still be relevant. Some may be just orphaned. You can check /var/ for any leftover F23 yum/dnf directories, and remove them if you find them still there.
    sudo updatedb
    locate /23/

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    Re: Eliminating F23 after upgrading to F25 by DNF

    please refer to the optional post upgrade tasks in this wiki

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