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    Fedora dependent on Mac hardware or OS?

    I currently have a 2010 MacPro desktop running Ubuntu 16.04. I would like to dual boot Fedora and Ubuntu. I noticed that there seems to be different versions? types? of Fedora for PC vs. Mac. When I downloaded the distro, the page stated that my OS was Mac and it downloaded the Mac version. My question is which version should I get for my desktop that has no Mac OS on it? Should I get the Mac version or another version?


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    Re: Fedora dependent on Mac hardware or OS?

    Interesting, there isn't a Mac version of the operating system itself as far as I'm aware. There are three builds, 32-bit, 64-bit and arm. If you have a fairly recent Intel based Mac then the 64-bit ISO should suffice as it supports EFI.

    The Mac detection simply wants you to download the Fedora Media Writer application to obtain the fedora ISO with and write it to thumb drive or optical media from within Mac OS.

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    Thanks for the reply. And thanks for the clarification about the downloads. I knew Macs needed EFI to install/run, which is why I assumed there was a Mac version.

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