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    First Pre-Alpha test Fedora26 (1 March 2017)

    I had the spare space and time to do the pre-alpha installation.
    Installation went without a hitch
    I loaded my additional programs. Most were available in rpm-fusion directories.

    Cups and printer selection are not yet available.

    I missed my cairo-clock and a few other programs
    Gnome extensions from the extensions.gnome.org are not yet accessible
    gparted will not run from Wayland. Hopefully there will be an equivalent.

    Fedora26 is looking very good, appears faster in execution than F25

    I added clang to my downloads and recompiled my code with clang

    The code I wrote which I recompiled is shorter in length with F26 than it was with F25.

    The version of gcc is 7,x and the code it generates is improved (faster execution) versus gcc v6.

    Looking good so far.
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    Leslie in Montreal

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