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    Problem installing on an old MacBook (MacOS 10.5.8)

    I'm trying to install Fedora on my very old MacBook in an attempt to bring some life back to it since I can't upgrade MacOS and therefore cant upgrade browsers to watch youtube or instal anything new.

    I have tried a few different linux, freebds and lubuntu, but none of the guides to make a bootable usb has worked and a friend said I should try Fedora or Debian.

    The problem I have now is that the USB seems to be a good one, or at least I can connect it to my Mac and read from it. (All other try have ended up with a usb that mac cant read.)

    When I try to boot up and pressing Alt to enter the boot menu on mac, all I get is a white screen. Not sure what to do now. What can be wrong?


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    Re: Problem installing on an old MacBook (MacOS 10.5.8)

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