iPhone Not Recognized in Rhythmbox
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    iPhone Not Recognized in Rhythmbox


    I am running a fresh and updated install of Fedora 25 on my Mac Book Pro.

    I have libimobiledevice and ifuse installed. At this point, it is mountable on my file system. When I first plug the phone in, fedora notifications pop up about a camera device. Although when you click on it, there are no pictures present. The above two packages allow me to transfer my pictures off manually.

    My issue is trying to transfer music to my iphone (6s Plus) from Rythmbox. Rhythmbox isn't showing my iphone on the left hand side at all. I've been searching around but can't seem to find out why. The Libimobiledevice site states there currently is a sync issue with phones whose music database is above version 4 will not work, but that may be a typo, since they seem to be mixing up the greater than and less than signs (and are listing old devices that will not work). Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

    EDIT: Just for testing sake, I downloaded Banshee, and the iPhone doesn't show up there either.
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