Using up-to-date F25, and KDE, I've been successfully using ALL the capabilities of 3 Sansa Zip Clip mp3 players for a few years - particularly playlists.

I just bought a new Sansa ClipJam (8 gigs of music!) which plays fine, but all the playlists, ones I've used successfully in the older ZipClips, only show "empty" when I try to play them on the newer model. As before, I used Dolphin to drag and drop the m3u files (along with the music, both mp3s and oggs) into "Music" folder on the mp3 player (as per the instructions at their site). I've looked at them carefully - there's no obvious confusion about the file names or use of #EXTM3U.

The playlists were created using both VLC and text editors (KATE and Kwrite), modified by hand, and like I say, worked fine in the older mp3 players. So I'm a bit mystified.

I did contact Sansa about this, and got a courteous reply explaining that <strike>they didn't have a clue</strike> they had no immediate solution either.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any solution(s) found?