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    Mouse problem - losing focus for selection within apps

    Hello guys,

    I've had this problem since Fedora 23 and seems to be getting worse now that im on Fedora 25. I recently got new lenova desktop and so I did a fresh install of Fedora 25 running Gnome.

    Symptom I am seeing:
    - Can't select anything within any/all apps.
    - Can select and move app windows around.
    - Can tab focus to app and type with keyboard

    Have apps open, and I open Keepass or Pycharm or SQLDeveloper or new web page in Firefox.
    Suddenly i can no longer select anything within the app.

    To fix, close Pycharm or Keepass and then i regain my mouse's ability.

    Honestly this has been driving me crazy. It interrupts my work frequently throughout the day.

    Any ideas whats causing this?



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    Re: Mouse problem - losing focus for selection within apps

    Ah this problem is so annoying. Its big enough to be a deal breaker for me that it disrupts me from getting my work done.

    Surely anyone else experience this?



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    Re: Mouse problem - losing focus for selection within apps

    I recently booted into the Gnome Wayland session by accident and suddenly was unable to input text into Firefox. Booting back into the Xorg session and it was gone. So maybe try ditching Gnome Wayland for the Xorg session?

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    Re: Mouse problem - losing focus for selection within apps

    I have seen this before, but since I moved to Xfce it happens a lot less.

    I have been able to ascertain that it happens when I click on 2 mouse buttons in quick succession (or button+roller), while accidentally resting my hand somewhere on my keyboard.

    What I do to solve it if it happens is to hit ALT-TAB a few times to cycle the apps, and eventually one of them "unfreezes" the "zombie mouse status".

    However, one device with which it has NEVER happened is my Kensington Turbo Trackball.
    I have seen this with my RAT gaming mouse, and also my Speedlink mouse.

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    Re: Mouse problem - losing focus for selection within apps

    I have a mouse that unfortunately, fell on the floor from a table a few times. Lately, the result of those drops is a mouse that when is erratic when I press the left button. With some GUI applications, clicking on an image, in lieu of opening it, shifts it over. It was frustrating as I suspected a software problem.
    Switching to another mouse restored mouse actions to normal. Click and double click, drag, etc, work as expected.

    Check out your system with a substitute mouse
    Leslie in Montreal

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