Fedora 25 Release Date Announced

After yesterday's GO/NO Meeting it has been announced that F25 is GO for the 22nd November 2016. Full details here.

If you are running the Beta and have kept it up to date you do not need to re-install. The GO image is final compose 1.3 (RC ISO files ending 25-1.3.iso) so if you have those saved you also do not need to download fresh copies. They will be rolled out across all mirrors over the next few days in preparation for the release.

Fedora 23 End Of Life Unofficial Announcement

Consequently, if you are using Fedora 23 please be aware it will become deprecated on or around 20th December 2016. So if you want to continue receiving security and stability updates please prepare for an upgrade to either Fedora 24 or 25.

An official announcement will follow with the actual date nearer the time.