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    LXDE main menu disppered (F23)

    My LXDE/openbox main menu has been working ok so far.
    Also new applications (usually) appear to main menu.

    Now I wanted to add a new submenu to mainmenu and so I installed package "alacarte".

    Started it and all looked like my start menu. I added a new submenu and it went ok and
    looked out as expexted.

    After closing alacarte I lost my main menu !!!! Just "run" and "logout" are left.

    If I start alacarte again main menu is there with my new submenu and all previous submenus with their apllications.

    But when pressing main menu at panel just "run" and "logout" exist.
    And i can not add applications to panel either as the application list is empty altough /usr/share/applicatons directory has all the *.desktop contents.

    Alacarte did change something, I think the "main.xml" somewhere, but after half day of googling I have not found correct way/place to fix main menu.

    I have another "test" user and logging in with that account test's main menu is OK (as it was with my account befor alacarte)

    It must be somewhere there under ̃.config or .~local but I just can not find the difference in lxpanel confs.
    Perhaps I have to run every file with diff....

    Any glue?

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    Re: LXDE main menu disppered (F23)

    Made new user. He got full "old style" main menu, too.
    Logged back with own account.

    Removed "alacarte".
    Installed "Menulibre"

    Menulibre did show the old main menu with all items. Just like alacarte did, too.

    But just only "run" and "logout" still exists in panel's main menu.
    I'm not sure what happened but once more I added new subdir to main menu with menulibre.
    Then deleted ~.cache/menus/* and logged out and in.

    zap !
    Old main menu was there again. But no new submenu (as it was empty).

    Created fake item to new submenu and it appeared to main menu of panel.

    Removed fake item, but did not find a way how to add category to new submenu with
    So I manually added ~.config/menus/lxde-applications.menu following lines within
    section that had my new subdirectory.


    And after that finally got all desktop items that already had category=HamRadio to exist in to my new

    Did I learn something?
    Lxpanel/menu definition is "#"&#. Means unclear and has too many merges etc.
    And of course every distro has slightly different setup.

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