I've been scanning the hardware/software digital periodicals and thought I might share with you what I read.

computing.co.uk and theinquirer.net reports Intel's Kaby Lake microprocessors to be superseded by Cannonlake design.

Kabylake is a successor chip to Skylake (I5-I7) and is designed to provide native support for 4K Video and USB Type-C, native Thunderbolt 3 and*native HDCP 2.2.

Kabylake chips are now shipping to PC makers. Expect to be able to purchase a Kabylake system for Christmas.

Kabylake is built on the 14-nanometre manufacturing process

Kabylake will be succeeded next summer, 2017, with the launch of Intelís first 10nm chips, codenamed Cannonlake,

My opinion
With so much miniaturization, will a future Cannonlake system have 16gig of dram soldered to the motherboard? Soldering ram to the ATX sized MB could eliminate the four ddr connector slots and related costs. It could also be that the 4 slots remain, but would be used for external memory to support ram beyond 16gigs ( to 32gigs).

By the way, Intel also launched the Xeon E7 v4 chips for servers with up to 24 cores and 24TB of memory.

If soldered ddr4 or future is soldered to the MB, could or will ECC memory be the standard with these new all in one motherboards?

The new systems will have the audio/video hardware integrated, eliminating external video cards. That could mean a great deal for LInux driver headache. Imagine if these new systems came with good wifi and video interfaces, eliminating the search for compatible drivers.

Are we going to sing "If you got the money honey, I got the system for you"?