Update using Software smooth, efficient, and a pleasure
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    Update using Software smooth, efficient, and a pleasure

    I just updated my desktop (a home built Intel I7) and my laptop (an ASUS ROG GL551J) from Fedora 23 Workstation to 24 using Grub's Software notifier/updater, and I can't believe how well it went. Congrats to all who've worked over the years to mature and improve this capability and thanks for your efforts!


    Edit: Fixed version number (oops!).
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    Re: Update using Software smooth, efficient, and a pleasure

    I agree that it is generally a fine method.
    But I'll probably newer upgrade a real system through this method or even install stuff from the repos (updates I might do from time to time). The problem is a total lack of control and information (it doesn't even show dependency info).

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