Lenovo y50-70 i7-4710HQ 16gb ram gtx860m

Today I bought a 2nd monitor and a USB to VGA cable from StarTech.com (USB2VGA2) I saw to late that there was no driver support for Linux or Mac, the cable was very expensive so I was wondering if it is possible to get it working on Fedora? If it is a lost case, I will take the device back to shop so no worries.

Any help no matter what is greatly appreciated. Also if you know an other solution on how to extend my laptop to 2 monitors please tell, I only have 2 usb3.0 slots open however (I have no VGA and HDMI already taken) or is it possible to extend by dividing the HDMI input to 2 HDMI outputs using a HDMI switch?

I read something about sisusbvga, does it also work on Fedora?

this is the bus:

Bus 003 Device 051: ID 0711:5100 Magic Control Technology Corp. Magic Control Technology Corp. (USB2VGA dongle)