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    SELinux -- working the magic

    My dream is that I'll one day have an SELinux profile for Firefox. Most SELinux resources I find basically say something to the effect of "leave it to the professionals." Maybe there's some SELinux profile out there for this?

    I know SELinux provides a sandbox mode, but it seems too restrictive for me. I think a profile that would allow writing to the downloads folder but deny pretty much everything else would be excellent from a security perspective.

    Web browsers are constantly parsing untrusted code, which makes them the most likely security flaw on the system. Locking it down with SELinux would be tremendous.

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    Re: SELinux -- working the magic

    The problem is that SELinux is whitelist only and label based.
    This means that you would need to label everything with some distinctive label (currently the directories in my home are all user_home_t) and then adapt all your profiles to allow actions on those labels.
    It can definitely be done but it is unnecessarily complex for most home users to manually do this and maintain the SELinux modules.

    If you want to easily sandbox certain programs and don't require something that can keep track what process writes which piece of information then I can recommend firejail (it is in copr and the installation basically only requires that you make the firejail executable SUID).

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