outlook mail *.pst file
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    outlook mail *.pst file

    is there are way to import *.pst from microsoft outlook to thunderbird?
    many thanks

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    Re: outlook mail *.pst file

    Yes there are a couple of methods I know of.

    1. Import Messages (Old version of Thunderbird and an Outlook 32-bit installation required) - You need to get an old version of Thunderbird to do it directly. I have the 10.0.5 ESR build stashed away for that purpose on DVD. Also, you can only import to Thunderbird from a 32-bit Outlook PST. If you have 64-bit installed, replace it with 32-bit. It won't wipe the PST file doing so.

    You can upgrade Thunderbird afterwards to the latest release. Unfortunately they removed the import function which is why you need an older version.

    2. IMAP is your new best friend? - Configure your mail account as IMAP (or create a new one with GMail) and forward all your messages to Inbox Folders in that. Then you can download and archive them into Thunderbird from the remote mail server.

    Contacts - Export the Outlook contacts to CSV and import them to the Thunderbird address book.

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    Re: outlook mail *.pst file

    PST and MBOX both are different file formats. In case, you want to access existing emails of MS Outlook emails in Thunderbird then conversion of the data file format is compulsory.

    I agree with 'Antikythera' for guiding the manual way to complete this task. But, it may be tedious for non-technical users.

    Last month, I did this migration with the assistance of third party software i.e. Stellar PST to MBOX Converter Software. However, it is a paid software but available with free demo.

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