F24 on Dell Precision 7510 screen brightness
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    F24 on Dell Precision 7510 screen brightness


    I am running fedora 24 on a Dell Precision 7510 with an Nvidia Quadro.
    Without the nvidia drivers, the screen brightness app (with hotkeys and the gnome function for it) did not change the screen brightness. The graphical indication for it, did work. When I changed the brightness in windows (dual boot), the setting stayed the same in fedora.
    So I installed the nvidia drivers (367.27). Now the brightness adjustment does work, but the maximum brightness is always different. I have an additional screen attached to the laptop via DVI. The maximum brightness of the two screens seams to be random and different for both screens. Sometimes the laptop screen is brighter than the external screen, most of the times the external screen is brighter though.
    Any ideas?


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    Re: F24 on Dell Precision 7510 screen brightness

    I noticed what sounds like the same issue also on a 7510 with F24. It was sort of hit or miss -- sometimes the display brightness was normal, more often though it was very dim and the screen brightness controls (the function keys) had no effect.

    After adding the following two kernel options, the brightness was normalized and the function keys worked again; in particular the acpi_osi option was helpful for this:

     i915.preliminary_hw_support=1 acpi_osi=
    (note that there really is nothing after the "=" for the "acpi_osi" option)

    At the moment though I'm experiencing the same thing with an HP ZBook 14 after an OS update and these options do not help at all.

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