Fedora MATE+android-tools+usb cable=recovered phone
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    Fedora MATE+android-tools+usb cable=recovered phone

    An award winning combination if ever there was one. The android-tools package is tiny and so fast to set up as result. All you have to do is install it. Then fastboot and adb are ready to go.

    My Moto G runs CyanogenMod and OpenGapps, so occasionally it will go belly up after a dodgy update like the 2nd June 2016 CyanogenMod build. While the phone booted okay, it just threw up SELinux policy violations for every app that started. TWRP SELinux policy repair failed to correct it. So I decided to wipe the phone and start again which is a doddle thanks to adb and fastboot. TWRP needed updating so I did that with fastboot and then got flashing ROMs transferred to the internal storage via MTP with it. TWRP now has the material design but more importantly the screen output is stable whereas before it had a refresh rate glitch.
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    Re: Fedora MATE+android-tools+usb cable=recovered phone

    Wow. I guess I'm waaaay behind the times. Most of that sounded like gibberish in a foreign language. <....>

    No doubt it all made perfectly good sense ... but you couldn't prove it by me.

    My "cell phone" (Samung SGH-S390G) is pretty much just that. I think it can maybe do some basic stuff, but all I've ever asked it to do is make and receive calls.

    My tablet, on the other hand, is an Android® device, which I'd just as soon fully convert to fedora. Google® has gotten so rudely bold and egregiously intrusive of late that I've almost quit using the device. It's a Galaxy Tab 3 also built by Samsung. I opted for that one due to its I5 CPU in hopes I could eventually figure out a way to get fedora put on it. The warranty is long since expired, so I guess the first step is to root the thing.

    However ... Dog-Piling and duck-duck-ing (sort of like Googling© -- only for responsible adults) indicate one needs a Windows® box in order to do that. <....>

    And somehow ... using one miserable nasty infection to rid one's self of another ... just seems ... wrong.


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    Re: Fedora MATE+android-tools+usb cable=recovered phone

    Indeed, it sounds like gibberish. Thankfully the CyanogenMod wiki for each supported model is quite in-depth and explains the process in simple terms.

    I had an old Galaxy Android phone. I wasn't keen on the Samsung bloat and the need for ODIN which only runs in Windows as you discovered. Samsung had their own app store in addition to the Play Store which looked like iTunes and invariably failed to update anything installed with it.

    Motorola kept the bloat to an absolute minimum so it was near enough a Nexus experience. Even so, my 2013 phone is no longer supported so wasn't getting any more updates or security fixes and was stuck at 5.0.1.

    That's why I switched to CyanogenMod nightlies. I ditched a load of rubbish bundled apps I never used from Google by using OpenGapps Nano (absolute minimum for play store and services to work) then adding only the ones I need. it is far more responsive, has better battery life and gets the monthly security updates. I've used it since Lollipop (CM12) and now run Marshmallow (CM13).

    If Fedora did an ARM x86 OS with a phone compatible UI complete with dialer etc. it would be interesting to try it out. The only tablet in our house is a Kindle Fire HD 7" which was a present and gets used mostly as an eBook reader.

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