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    Exclamation How do I delete my fedora forum account?

    In short, you don't. That is a function reserved to and for forum staff.

    If you wish to have your account deleted, you MUST send a private message requesting account deletion to a staff member. DO NOT post such a request in an open thread. It will simply be deleted, but your account will not.

    A staff member will perform your account deletion only when and as soon as they get your private message.

    This being said, know that due to the fact that important information useful to other community members could be lost, an account deletion will result in all of the posting member's posts being retained but set to anonymous "Guest" status. The deleted member's account essentials, however, will be completely deleted. But any posts made in the open forums by such a member will remain in the forums under the "Guest" moniker.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


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    Re: How do I delete my fedora forum account?

    Thread Stuck.
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