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    F24 never reaches login

    Hello, I am running a Fedora 24 alpha guest on Virtualbox 5.0.16-3 on a Fedora 23 Host.
    I keep it up to date, but today the guest does not reach the login screen. It goes thru the splash screen loading bar, and then the screen just turns black.
    I am able to press alt+F2 to go to a different terminal, but there is horrible screen blinking. I am however able to login there and input commands, if anyone is able to give advice.

    Thank you!

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    Re: F24 never reaches login

    guessing it's the broken selinux policy issue affecting you as well. they have released an update but you need to download it manually from koji at present


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    Re: F24 never reaches login

    That fixed it, thank you

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