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    Programs that allow for handwriting alongside typing?

    I'm using fedora on my college device that I use for note-taking and other purposes, and coming from Windows, I've run into one main issue:

    Some of my notes (especially math-related) need to be able to be handwritten in order to be clear what the point was of it and be easily readable.

    I've found xournal, which works (pretty well). However, there is a few issues with it: If you set it to auto-save the files, which would be the sane thing to do, it begins to lag every 5 seconds and stops writing smoothly. This, among other issues with it, is making it very hard to use it for this.

    To give some perspective, the device I'm using that has fedora on it is a Surface Pro 3, and before I was using OneNote.

    I'm not sure if this is the best forum to ask about it, but hopefully someone can tell me what I could do about this to make fedora work better when I need to do notetaking


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    Re: Programs that allow for handwriting alongside typing?

    Are you sure that your issue with xournal is autosave ? Mine is conflict between the stylus and the touchscreen, described here, with a workaround.
    Or there is also "jarnal", not in the repos but easy to install.
    You can also use a drawing program accepting stylus input, like inkscape, krita, even gimp.

    On a sidenote: how good is the Surface PRo 3 on linux ?

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