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    Gimp Text Missing

    I just recently started using Gimp and I downloaded some fonts.

    I did one two days ago and nothing went wanky and worked perfectly fine for me.

    Did five more today And BAM my fonts are missing from my tool box.
    I've tried closing out and refreshing it and nothing.

    It shows no fonts, previous or new ones.

    Left a photo down below.

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    Re: Gimp Text Missing

    Tried to write something and see what It would do and it says there are no fonts WHICH I did not delete. I tried to reestablish the fonts but it just not working

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    Re: Gimp Text Missing

    Humm maybe sill question, are you running GIMP from fedora?
    I usually keep my fonts in ~/.fonts/ or just symlink them there when I need them.

    I have no experience with Windows so I wouldn't know what to say.
    Freedom is never Free.
    Pat Jr.

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    Re: Gimp Text Missing

    I've had the exact same issue before, so I'm really glad you and I both found the same fix!

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