I have an UEFI Asus laptop that has a SSD drive and a hard drive. It came preinstalled with windows 8, that I have kept. On the hard drive I have both a data drive for windows and Fedora 22.

When I boot the machine, I get to the grub screen, with lets me choose between Fedora and Windows; I can boot windows OK but not Fedora: grub complains that the drive that has /boot doesn't exist, so the kernel can't be loaded.

However, if I restart the computer and hit Esc repeatedly until I get the UEFI blue box where I can choose the Fedora bootloader, I once again get to the grub menu, which this time lets me boot Fedora; so it seems the hard drive is not seen unless I go through the UEFI menu.

It is a minor hassle, but I'd like to know if there is a way to solve this and not have to attend boot and hit Esc.

Thanks for any hint.

F. Delente