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    Re: Fedora 23 Workstation - Solid

    Yes, it will not remember any passwords.

    But there are only few apps that try to use kwallet, many others don't, so for me, kwallet itself is rather useless.

    Just out of curiosity, I enabled kwallet and tried login to one site in Konqueror. Dialog pops up if konqueror can access kwallet once, always or no and never no.
    I tried once. Entry appeared in applications section in kwalletmanager. So I closed it and run again, pointing to the site. Sure enough, it popped up again, because I chose "only once" option. So I chose "always" this time.
    Now after closing, Konqueror appeared in the authorized apps in kwalletmanager, as expected.
    So I run Konqueror again to see if kwallet pops up, and, as expected, no, it keeps silent and password is remembered.
    I'm not sure how much annoying it is. If you click "always" in the pop up, the app should never bother you with kwallet again.
    But for me, the fact that OS keeps passwords in one place is more annoying actually, so I never use it.
    If the app to use some passwords is not needed e.g., so must be the password. This one-place-storage of such data is just not for me.

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    Re: Fedora 23 Workstation - Solid

    I generally stay away from preconfigured builds, but was curious. I was given a Lenovo ideapad Yoga 2. It took a bit of doing to get it working with Arch and Fedora (with a minimal install), most of the problem being with font sizes. Trying with Lubuntu and Mint live USBs also gave REALLY tiny fonts.

    So, out of curiosity, as a friend had said Gnome 3 does a good job with these Yogas, I tried the Fedora live Workstation. To my pleasant surprise, fonts and applications were a good size right out of the box. If I were recommending a Linux to someone who had one of these, I would have to say it's given the best out of box experience with the Yoga 2's high resolution screen so far.

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