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    Bash will install package without asking for sudo

    So I just tried to run the 'sensors' command to get my cpu temps. I do not have the package 'lm_sensors' installed and bash found that it was the required package to run the command I wanted and then asked if I wanted to install it. It then installed it and bam, new software installed and no mention of password or sudo. Here is the output of the whole ordeal {Also note it even ran the command after installing it):

    [ashafar@fedz Downloads]$ sensors
    bash: sensors: command not found...
    Install package 'lm_sensors' to provide command 'sensors'? [N/y] y

    * Waiting in queue...
    * Waiting in queue...
    * Waiting for authentication...
    * Waiting in queue...
    * Downloading packages...
    * Requesting data...
    * Testing changes...
    * Installing packages...
    Adapter: Virtual device
    temp1: +27.8C (crit = +90.0C)
    temp2: +29.8C (crit = +90.0C)

    Adapter: ISA adapter
    Physical id 0: +60.0C (high = +79.0C, crit = +85.0C)
    Core 0: +59.0C (high = +79.0C, crit = +85.0C)
    Core 1: +60.0C (high = +79.0C, crit = +85.0C)

    [ashafar@fedz Downloads]$

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    Re: Bash will install package without asking for sudo

    Did you run sudo recently? It will keep the privileges for a certain number of minutes. Perhaps this is what happened?
    Mind the gap.

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    Re: Bash will install package without asking for sudo

    No I had not. I checked my history and the last time I had run sudo was about 12 hours ago in a different terminal. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a security risk. RedHat has had some 'bugs' aka security issues in the past.

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    Re: Bash will install package without asking for sudo

    This has been discussed before.
    You either need to not run as an administrator (wheel), configure polkit to not authorize the request (at which point the action fails because the packagekit component doesn't ask for a password) or remove the packagekit component that is responsible for installing missing commands.

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