Hey Guys,

Super new to Fedora and Linux in general but was wondering why when an AVCHD file (.MTS format) will display on the standard "Videos" player ,but when the file is uploaded or opened with another player (VLC) the Timecode burn in the bottom left dissapears. Video is being uploaded from Panasonic HD550kK cam corder. Any thoughts? It is also not displayed when uploaded to my companies website. The cheapest option is to just playback the video from my TV and burn to a DVD via recorder, but that option is usually reserved for files totaling 12GB and they demand I upload them. $$$$$ factor greatly appreciated (they don't pay me enough to be buying crazy expensive software). Currently running F22 through Linux SE. Very rudimentary understanding of the CLI but can copy and paste into it lol.

Much obliged, you forum guys are the best !!