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    vlc mobile remote

    Has anyone had any luck using a vlc remote control app on android to control vlc running on Fedora? I configured vlc as instructed: vlc - preferences - main interfaces - extra interface modules - web. And also setting a password under Lua HTTP but I still get no love. I'm not able to connect from my galaxy s4, on which I have put my pc's ip address and left the default port to 8080.

    If you got it to work, did you have to do anything with your home router such as port forwarding? Did you have to do anything with the firewall in Fedora?


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    Re: vlc mobile remote

    Okay I have it narrowed down to my firewall on Fedora. Can someone tell me the best/safest way to open up port 8080 and only 8080?

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    Re: vlc mobile remote

    Dear Methos,

    Figured out how it works:
    I use VLC Direct pro on the android side. If you want to play a file, it sends a GET request to the HTTP server on 8080 to setup a RTSP stream, with the name of the file, protocol and (android side configurable) port number. The VLC server creates the stream and waits for connection, so it will fail if blocked by firewall.
    So you cannot avoid to open two ports: 8080 and the one configured in VLC direct pro.

    Good luck
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    Re: vlc mobile remote

    Sorry it has been so long getting back.

    Thank you very much.

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